Worship Message 5-14-17 Mother’s Day

Great morning of worship, celebrating the love of God through the blessing of Mother’s.  Check out the worship message’s provided by Alicen Limestoll, Pastor Jason & Josh Woodard.

We thank God for the blessing of Mother’s who have loved and cared for us like God loves and cares for us.  We miss our Mother’s that have passed from this life.  We praise God for their love and care and for the blessing of our time with them.  We pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ that struggle in relationship with their Mother’s or had no Motherly influence in their life.  Praise God & May peace be with you.

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Worship Message 5-7-17 Elihu:Wise Beyond Years

God continued to provide and lead us to powerful worship each week.  We were blessed this week to hear from Sophie Hockran, a great theological and relevant message from the book of Job, Elihu: Wisdom Beyond Years (Job 32:6-10).  Remember regardless of your age, live your faith and passion for life with God, even when others may be more reserved or hold you back.

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