Worship Message 12-3-17 Underdogs & Outsiders Rahab

Advent begins, a time of preparation and reflection for the coming gift of Christ.  Prepare your hearts, seek God’s word and share the love of Christ this Advent and Christmas season.  This week we learn from the book of Joshua about how God uses everyone to tell God’s story and to grow the kingdom of God.  God has and will use you as well. HOPE.

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Worship Message 5-14-17 Mother’s Day

Great morning of worship, celebrating the love of God through the blessing of Mother’s.  Check out the worship message’s provided by Alicen Limestoll, Pastor Jason & Josh Woodard.

We thank God for the blessing of Mother’s who have loved and cared for us like God loves and cares for us.  We miss our Mother’s that have passed from this life.  We praise God for their love and care and for the blessing of our time with them.  We pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ that struggle in relationship with their Mother’s or had no Motherly influence in their life.  Praise God & May peace be with you.

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12-18-16 Worship Message & Children’s Christmas Program


The fourth week of Advent and the final week of the Redemption of Scrooge led us to a powerful day of worship Sunday.

We were blessed with the Children’s Christmas program directed by Mrs. Cindy Harvel, great ministry and what a blessing for the children to share the story of Christmas in this way.  Thank you to all the children and the great ministry team (adult participants and parents) for providing this program.

See you next Sunday to CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS!

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10-30-16 Extravagant Generosity – Ministry Flows from the Heart


Today we kicked off a new worship series on stewardship.  Where is your PULSE?  The heart of God shows us how we should love and live.

1 Timothy 6:17-19 This series will help us focus on all that we have been blessed with and all that we can do now to be a blessing!

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