Worship Message 12-3-17 Underdogs & Outsiders Rahab

Advent begins, a time of preparation and reflection for the coming gift of Christ.  Prepare your hearts, seek God’s word and share the love of Christ this Advent and Christmas season.  This week we learn from the book of Joshua about how God uses everyone to tell God’s story and to grow the kingdom of God.  God has and will use you as well. HOPE.

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2-5-17 Worship Message – Choose Your Path

Choose Your Path Banner

Great morning of worship.  Today we kicked off a new worship series CHOOSE YOUR PATH, focusing on the book of Joshua.  Joshua led God’s children of his day to a familiar Judeo-Christian commitment, Joshua 24:15 …”as for me and my family we will serve the Lord.”  Will you prioritize the steps on your path with God to serving him, as christians today we must know the way, go the way and show the way of life with God through Jesus Christ.  Praying you find new ways to do that this week.

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1-29-17 Worship Message – Facing Giants


Great morning of worship as we wrapped up our Foundations of Faith worship series.  In the midst of the GIANT problems of the world our faith foundation supports us as we journey through life.  Today we learned about the necessity of faith and strength with God from two Old Testament leaders from the book of Numbers, Caleb & Joshua.  The journey is only possible with God, remain strong in the Lord, stand on your faith foundations and share the love of God.

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