Worship Message 5-7-17 Elihu:Wise Beyond Years

God continued to provide and lead us to powerful worship each week.  We were blessed this week to hear from Sophie Hockran, a great theological and relevant message from the book of Job, Elihu: Wisdom Beyond Years (Job 32:6-10).  Remember regardless of your age, live your faith and passion for life with God, even when others may be more reserved or hold you back.

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2-12-17 Choose Your Path – Incorruptible

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Praise God for a great morning of worship and for a living faith community.  God provides many examples in the bible of strong men and women of faith.  Today we focused on the Old Testament story of Samuel, Incorruptible, is one way to describe the faithful life of Samuel.  How strong is your faith, your path with God, do you live out basic practices each day to stay close to God and be Incorruptible?  Live the message this week.

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10-30-16 Extravagant Generosity – Ministry Flows from the Heart


Today we kicked off a new worship series on stewardship.  Where is your PULSE?  The heart of God shows us how we should love and live.

1 Timothy 6:17-19 This series will help us focus on all that we have been blessed with and all that we can do now to be a blessing!

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