12-18-16 Worship Message & Children’s Christmas Program


The fourth week of Advent and the final week of the Redemption of Scrooge led us to a powerful day of worship Sunday.

We were blessed with the Children’s Christmas program directed by Mrs. Cindy Harvel, great ministry and what a blessing for the children to share the story of Christmas in this way.  Thank you to all the children and the great ministry team (adult participants and parents) for providing this program.

See you next Sunday to CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS!

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12-11-16 Life of Christmas Present Worship Message


Powerful worship this morning, the Life of Christmas present through the story of Scrooge.  The Luke 15 parables of lost & found remind us of God’s desire and pursuit of us, our loving Father seeks us out, we must accept the gift of grace and share that blessing with others, that God may be using us to pursue.  What will you do different this Christmas as a result of the love of God?  Scrooge’s heart was transformed to see and act upon the needs of those around him, will you allow yourself to be filled with God’s grace and share that love with others this Christmas?

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12-4-16 Worship Message Remember Christmas Past


Remembering Christmas Past – a powerful morning of worship, celebrated communion and baptism today in worship, praise God for the gift of grace from the Sacraments.  Great music and powerful messages on how we should release the “chains” of our past and accept the redeeming gift of grace through Jesus Christ.

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ADVENT – The Redemption of Scrooge


Great day for worship as we begin our Advent worship series.  The Redemption of Scrooge is a honest look at God’s redemptive work in all people.

Please invite your friends and family and join us now through Christmas to better understand God’s love and grace for us all!

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