Live Stream Watch Parties

We know you’ve missed church and we’ve missed seeing you!

We are excited to announce a new way of being in worship:

Live Stream Watch Parties!

There are two ways to watch: in Fellowship Hall or in the Parking Lot

In Fellowship Hall

The watch party will take place in fellowship hall (and other rooms if needed)

Please let us know if you plan to attend by filling out the form at:,
or by calling the church office at 440-293-6290.

  • Masks are required for all who attend worship inside the building. (if you’re watching from your car, we ask that you wear a mask if you are out of your car or interacting with others)
  • We ask that you use the provided hand sanitizer upon entering the building.
  • Doors will open about 15 minutes before worship.

You are welcome to bring your own chair if you don’t want to sit in a folding chair. Your family may choose an area in which to sit. You must be a minimum of 6 feet from any other family group. Our hospitality team will have a 6-foot measuring tool if you’re unsure. Please sit only with your family group.

In the Parking Lot

The Drive-In Watch Party will be held on the “Sparkle” end of the back parking lot. The TV will be placed under the awning at the Community Center/The old Fellowship Hall.

Tune your radio to the station announced on site and remain comfortably in your car through the service.

You may want to bring the following items with you:

  1. Masks for each member of your family (except those under 2 or who cannot remove a mask by themselves.) Masks must be worn if you get out of your car.
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Hand Sanitizer

Please read and review all the guidelines for participating in the lot